Miss Ethiopia USA Pageant has opened its doors


Pageant season is here and Miss Ethiopia USA Pageant has opened its doors to offer training to all Ethiopian girls going into pageants this year. Our training which has previously been limited to girls in the Miss Ethiopia USA Pageant is now open to all. Miss Ethiopia USA Pageant has successfully established collaboration with several pageant systems making it possible to incorporate all these pageant systems to benefit from the training we offer.

The Workshop will cover the following Key Areas of Competition and Post Competition

  • Public speaking and Advocacy
  • Talent Preparation and Guidance
  • True Sportsmanship and Team Spirit
  • Pageant Runway Training
  • Guidance with Charities and Platform Projects
  • Self Grooming and Appearance
  • Stage Presence
  • Facing the Press
  • Facing the Cameras
  • Sponsorship and Marketing
  • Pageants and Social Media
  • Preparing for the Pageant: Important Check List and things to remember.
  • Post Pageant: What next
  • Queen’s Celebrity Status

Please contact the Miss Ethiopia USA Pageant Organization with any questions you may have.

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