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2017 Sponsors

Corporate partnership with Miss Ethiopia USA Pageant allows our sponsors the opportunity for worldwide recognition and branding with our main emphasis and efforts targeted towards Ethiopia’s participation and others in the Miss Ethiopia USA pageant. Also the Miss Ethiopia USA Pageant Magazine is a digital environment that enables you to reach the Ethiopian Community in USA and all over the world.

The Miss Ethiopia USA Pageant Magazine the best trusted resource for Ethiopian community and for others online & offline. Be assured that customers who are most likely to use your products or services.

Miss Ethiopia USA Pageant is an empowerment program for young girls in the United States. The program works on building self-esteem, fostering leadership skills and community service as a good will ambassador to impact nations. The pageant showcases Ethiopian culture through talent, fashion, public speaking and projects positive influences on the youth.

The Miss Ethiopia USA Pageant We will be celebrating in grand style that will bring great excitement and involvement of girls and women of quality. We hope you will be part of this grand celebration.

The Miss Ethiopia USA Pageant winner will have the opportunity to promote her Non Profit Foundation While travelling around the world.  Your support in bringing this to reality will be greatly appreciated!

Exclusive Corporate Partners will receive . . . As our exclusive Corporate Partners, your designated business entity or name will appear in promotional materials which may include, but is not limited to exposure in print, press releases and other printed material. Your company name or logo will also be presented on our official Miss Ethiopia USA Pageant web site & Miss Ethiopia USA Pageant Magazine, all social Medias, radios, TV, postcards, poster, flyers, banners, Dropdown banner with red carpet,  Digital advertisements …. Etc.

The Miss Ethiopia USA Pageant and Magazine is committed to your success! We offer affordable advertising package for every budget and our staff will create a marketing plan with you that works. Whether you are a new business or need to reestablish your business in the Marketplace, be assured that no matter how small or large your business is, we have plans that are tailored to meet your needs.

The Miss Ethiopia USA Pageant Magazine is a great place to get your company add noticed, as our Magazines are distributed up to 20,000 magazines in the Ethiopian Sport federation North America tournaments, grocery stores, coffee shops, barber shops, libraries, clinics, book stores, clubs, waiting rooms, universities and many other locations from USA to Ethiopia… & beyond.      


Miss Ethiopia USA Pageant 2019

Sponsorship Package

BRONZE – $350

  1. Thank you lists our Miss Ethiopia USA Pageant Magazine and web site
  2. Post your logo on social media
  3. Company mentioned on radio


SILVER– $750

  1. ALL of BRONZE plus
  2. Full description your company on radio
  3. Business card size description on Miss Ethiopian USA Pageant magazine
  4. Network Opportunity
  5. 1 tickets to finale
  6. your company logo/name, on flyer (10,000 flyers) and poster.


  1. ALL of SILVER plus
  2. Logo/Name on banner and poster, flyer
  3. Link to your website on Miss Ethiopia USA Pageant all social media
  4. Quarter page description on Miss Ethiopian USA Pageant
  5. Honorable mention on stage
  6. Logo on our web site
  7. 2 tickets to finale


Platinum- $3,000

  1. ALL of GOLD plus
  2. Half page description on Miss Ethiopian USA Pageant
  3. 3 VIP tickets to finale
  4. Large banner promotion and our web site with your company FULL information
  5. Miss Ethiopia must endorse and promote brand, and attend all event with your brand for the next 6 months.
  6. Sponsor recognition award


Diamond- $5000

  1. ALL of PLATINUM plus
  2. Full page description on Miss Ethiopian USA Pageant Magazine
  3. One YEAR of promotion of all events with Miss Ethiopia
  4. 5 VIP tickets to finale
  5. Wide picture banner

ultimate sponsors

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  • Welcome any type of sponsorship and support.
  • You may sponsor by giving gifts or prizes to Miss Ethiopia USA Beauty & Cultural Pageant.

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