The Miss Ethiopia USA Pageant Auditions provide a great opportunity for the Pageant management to screen applicants hoping to compete in the pageant from different State During Auditions the pageant Management carries out the following assessments in the selection process:

  • General Presentation, grooming and style
  •  Platforms and Humanitarian causes
  • public speaking skills
  • Personality and Character

Video Auditions

Please confirm with the Pageant Management before Submitting a Video for Auditions.

Your Video should be not more than 10mins long, you are required to present yourself, who you are, career goals, why you want to be Miss Ethiopia USA Beauty & Cultural Pageant Queen, humanitarian platform, mention any community services, walk a short distance and have it captured loud and clear on video.

Submit your video via an online social network such as YouTube, Vimeo video creators … etc and send the link to  You may remove your video link after it has been reviewed by the Pageant.

Do not hesitate to contact us 571-332-4037