Our objective in holding this Beauty and Cultural Pageant is to give young Ethiopian women a unique opportunity of becoming a beauty queen with strong future goals, and an interest in supporting communities and causes they are passionate about. The Miss Ethiopia USA pageant aims of promoting and celebrating Ethiopian culture, beauty, and women empowerment. We strive to find and develop the perfect ambassador to represent Ethiopia, in which she will become a role model to other young women and carry out her responsibilities in giving back to communities and other nations. Miss Ethiopian USA will also be a goodwill ambassador to promoting Ethiopia and Ethiopian Culture on the international stage in a series of public appearances and front Humanitarian cause that affect the Ethiopian people around the world.

The Miss Ethiopian USA Beauty and Cultural Pageant, founded in 2014, is an organization dedicated to promote the rich Ethiopian culture and heritage as well as build positive environment within Ethiopian-American communities in North America. Its mission is bringing Ethiopians together to network, supporting the business community, empowering the young girls by providing scholarships and mentoring programs, primarily using the Beauty pageant, other activities and cultural events as a vehicle. The Miss Ethiopia USA mission is to find, appreciate and promote women with strong goals and interest in promoting the rich Ethiopian culture and supporting causes related to any humanitarian work, education and women empowermen

Tesfahun A Getu

Bekalu Biable
Vice President

Meron Wudneh

Mikeyas Abebe
Public Relations
720- 343-0385