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Tsion Desse

The Queen 2015/16


I am Tsion Dessie living in the state of Maryland. I am a biology major attending The Catholic University of America. I have been in this country for about seven years straight, which always reminds me how long I have been away from my motherland and makes me homesick as each day passes. I have always been very close to my family and especially being the first kid of the family, I have been taking the role of a third parent; or so I claim. I am a people person and sometimes too friendly which has been mostly good. I am God fearing and love my faith. I am always thankful that I am alive to be able to breathe in this air and given the chance to live another day..

I want to be the next Queen (she did win) so that my aspirations to raise awareness to the challenges that my people back in Ethiopia face every day can be addressed. Being crowned Queen will give me the platform to be able to inform and remind the community some of the crucial problems that our people are facing today. Thus being part of the Miss Ethiopia Beauty and Cultural Pageant, especially being Crowned Queen can achieve many of my goals.
Through my background and education that I will acquire in the future, I want to create solutions or be part of the solution to the issues of healthcare that many people face especially in the majority of rural areas in Ethiopia. People are dying due to medical conditions that can be cured just by attending a health care facility or get an access to it. My goal is to be involved in helping these underprivileged areas provide at least the necessary care their patients require and have the necessary equipments needed to perform their duties. These are few of the issues that I want to address.

Healthy people means a strong community that will build up a country; our Ethiopia. Please join me and be a part of a movement to help create a healthier Ethiopia!