3rd Runner up & people choice  2015/16


Hanna Kayada

I am a believer, an optimist, a compassionate and dynamic individual with big ambitions and dreams. Most importantly,. I was born in Ethiopia and moved to the U.S

My response to this question is integrated into my response to the following question].
I believe education is the key not only to become a professionalism and success but also to personal fulfillment and happiness. What I want is to be able to return to the mother land and free pave a way for the many young children who are stigmatized for their disabilities. Every child deserves a chance at education. Every child deserves a chance at self-expression – which requires a society in which all of this is appreciated and valued. As the saying goes, children are indeed the future and as professionals and experts of many different fields today, we too have the power to contribute to and shape the future. Simply put, i am an advocate for less privileged children who do not have access to education, to self-growth, and a chance at living a fulfilling life. I believe i am here to be a vessel for those who are not in a position to voice their concerns, their ideas and their thoughts. I want to educate and liberate. If this opportunity at becoming the next Miss Ethiopia USA Pageant winner  is going to, in any way, shape or form, help facilitate my efforts at achieving the goals presented above, then I believe that it is only right for me to pursue the Miss Ethiopia USA Pageant win with full confidence.