2nd Runner up  2015/16

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    Bethlehem Kebede

My name is Bethlehem Kebede and I was born in Ethiopia. I came to the United States about 8 years ago. I am currently going to college and I plan to become a Nutritionist in the near future. I enjoy reading, working out and eating clean. I am a proud Orthodox, I love going to church every Sunday as well as participating on events regarding religion.
Let’s be clear here, I’m already a queen and I’m already also a beautiful young lady. With that being said, winning or losing this pageant wouldn’t at all make me look less pretty in anyway nor would it ever be a prove to say “I’m the prettiest of them all”. Instead, I want to participate the Miss Ethiopia USA Pageant  to open doors for me as well as to make it easier for me to connect with others as bridge, Connection is very important in today’s world, especially when you have some kind of  humanitarian project/goals that you want to accomplish. Connection can make it all possible! In addition to that, I believe I got what it takes to become the first Miss Ethiopia USA beauty and cultural queen. I am also matured enough to take upon my responsibilities because to me It’s not just wining, It’s wining with purpose and responsibilities ahead.

As for now, a couple of my friends and I are planning to publish a non-profit organization. We are currently in the process of preparing the proposal. We also have been gathering information from other resources and organizations to help us move forward, Our dream  non-profit organization  is dedicated to honor and remember our brothers who have chosen to be be headed by “ISIS” rather than switching their religion. We will decided to publish a non-profit organization with their names which I can’t yet mention now but soon.